About TrI-C

Cyber Security threats emerge increasingly from within organizations

About TrI-C

In the view of TrI-C, it is the 'ignorant' people who have to deal with delegated responsibilities within organizations. In addition to the organizational structure, which provides direction in business processes, influences (people, situations) can affect the same organizational structure. The space that arises in the described policy structure and the own assumed responsibility for 'missing tools' can lead to self-initiative that is not in line with acting with integrity.

TrI-C translates the wishes of your organization and develops a practical (adapted) training and an action plan in which theory and practice are coordinated into practical solutions. This approach can be adjusted and tested at various times. Interaction between people with the aim of being able to 'read' conversations will be emphasized.

TrI-C stands for, interaction, information & integrity. Components for protecting business-critical information. It is the power to find the balance in the tension field of these elements.

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