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Social Engineering Protection

TrI-C Profile

Digital processes receive maximum attention within cybersecurity, while access to that information can also be obtained through people (Social Engineering). TrI-C emphasizes interpersonal relationships and its unambiguousness. It is important in social communication to improve awareness of good interaction (being able to have conversations). The personal development of questioning and conversation techniques with a sense of attitude and situational and personal circumstances deserve maximum attention.

Integrity protection of company data

It is important to develop the ability to build a good relationship and to create a relationship of trust with contacts on the one hand, while on the other hand to remain alert to the other's deviating intentions. By analyzing and falsifying data, one can arrive at a substantive grouping of high-quality information that can provide direction for further developments. The competences; safety awareness, responsibility, integrity, communication and creativity will be leading. The realization and utilization of opportunities in time and space (why do I have / receive this knowledge, why now and why here) can be decisive.

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