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Ontwikkeling, Training & Coaching

Development, Training & Coaching

Employees are an important factor of risk when it comes to protecting company sensitive information. TrI-C provides you with the knowledge and skills in the form of a two-day training to recognize possible threats from outside (Outsider Threat) more quickly. Malicious people may also want to reach a good relationship (Report Building) in order to achieve their goal. Within this form of communication (whether or not through a medium) they try to safeguard people-oriented relationships. Empathetic ability and creating a pleasant atmosphere are techniques for malicious parties to make the relationship more explicit (elicitation). After years of experience with various intelligence organizations, insight has emerged into how these influences can be made recognizable. This knowledge is multifunctionally translated to both public (including non-governmental organizations) and private (profit) sector.

TrI-C facilitates by training and coaching tools to develop generic counter-techniques and thereby make organizations more resilient against social engineer attacks. TrI-C focuses on employee awareness and the potential dangers of leaking company sensitive information. By alternating theory and practical assignments, staff of organizations can become proficient in recognizing malicious parties.

Ontwikkeling, Training & Coaching

Keynote - Inspiration session - Knowledge session

Triple I Communication can support your management moments such as, inspiration sessions, knowledge sessions or your staff development with a Covid19-proof workshop or keynote of 2 hours, in which the human factor within cybersecurity is highlighted. In an interactive lecture you will be taken into the modus operandi of a human hacker (social engineer) by means of practical examples and experiences that will appeal to the imagination. In addition, countermeasures will be shared with you to better protect your company from 'criminal' influences on your workforce. Staff are often described as the weakest link in the chain. In our opinion, this does not apply to personnel who are skilled in influencing via social engineering.

In addition, Triple I Communication is specialized in giving a two-day course 'Social Engineering, human haking'. By taking the participants into the working method of Human Hackers, knowledge is generated that can be used to take countermeasures. Together with the protective measures against Data Hackers, the protection against Human Hackers forms the unknown additional package in Cyber Scurity. Please feel free to contact for options, content and rates.


TrI-C facilitates lectures and workshops to inform organizations about the protection of sensitive information in which personal integrity plays a role.

Mystery Guest

The Mystery Guest can be used to analyze organizational awareness of the protection of company data. The Mystery Guest tests the business operations in consultation and analyzes which possible inputs there are to business-sensitive information from the outside. The results provide insight into the level of the organization and can then be used for a follow-up process to make organizations more resilient.